Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good news for Delhi

It will be quite early to come to a conclusion that there has been decrease in incidents of female infanticide in Delhi and a problem of 50 years will be solved in a year . A trend of 50 years does not 50 in year .It is a matter of pride not for the delhi but for entire nation that in year 2008 there were 1004 female child birth against 1000 males which is indeed far more than 952/1000 ratio prescribed by WHO for female to male child . In the year 2007 there were birth of 848 female child to 1000 male child , on contrary to it there are 19,000 more female births in 2008 . Female births increased from 148,000 to 167,000 in the year 2007 to 2008 .This sudden change in the trend is a matter of discussion in all social activists arena .On one side where delhi government is holding LADLI SCHEME the reason for its sucess , under the scheme every girl child is entitled to Rs 6000/5000 at time of birth depending on whether the baby was delivered in a govt hospital or elsewhere . Then onwards govt deposit Rs 5000 each at the time of admission to classes 1st , 6th ,9th ,10th and 12th .The money is kept as as long term deposit in the name of the child who can encash it when she turns 18. On the other hand social activist are giving other reason for the above change in trend . The main reason in the change is attitude of society towards female .In all the spheres of society women are not only on par with men but but are have also surpass the men in various fields .The popular convention of support of son to old parents have also been proven wrong , in many places infact daughter of today are agreat support to their parents .I knew many parents where daughter are taking care of their old parents who have been neglected by their own son .It appears now that in every sphere , politics , business fashion women are doing their job with more responsibilty and honesty .I think that faith of people on their sons have been given up . This is the reason that people of Delhi have decided that discrimination between son and daughter is an old convention for whatever reason it might be . It is a matter of pride to Delhi and whole nation that there are birth of 19,000 more females than males in year 2008 .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beti Bachao Karwan

Beti Bachao Karwan

From7th march to 23 rd march 2009
Kurukshetra Ambala

It is really outrageous and a matter of national shame that when India is talking about knowledge society and being a regional superpower that the prosperous areas of the country are witnessing the worst form of medieval barbarism where a female fetus is killed in the womb. When the country is seriously discussing social justice which means the welfare and empowerment of women , dalits adivasis and marginal communities it is high time all of us seriously sit-up and take stock of the fast declining sex ratio in the country . It is ironical that prosperous Haryana have the lowest sex ratio in the country after Punjab. There are various laws pertaining to prohibitance of female foeticide , but none of them are effective to curb the problem effectively .

In state of Harayana it pose a serious threat to the social system where legal system alone fails to control the magnitude of problem . We need to discuss and change the thinking of society in context to , urge for male child ,Dowry system, economic restraints and various taboos toward female child . In view of above problems a " JATTHA" of youth will commence on 7TH MARCH ( evening before WOMENS DAY ) from KURUKSHETRA , which will go around 16 districts of Harayana , to end on 23TH MARCH (AMBALA) Distt . During the visit youth's will hold public meetings , school visits , "nukkad natak" , signature campaign ( 11,000 signatures in support of beti bachao ) , formation of' "Beti bachao Panchayat ".We all sincerely look forward for your active participation for noble and great cause .



1.Kurukshetra - 8 march 2. kithal - 9 march 3. Jind -10 march 4. Sirsa - 11 march
5.Fathehabad- 12 march 6. Hisar - 13 march 7.Bhiwani - 14 march 8.Mahendergarh- 15 march 9. Rewari- 16 march 10. Jhajjar- 17 march 11. Rohtak - 18 march 12. Sonipat - 19 march 13 . Panipat - 20 march 14.Karnal - 21 march 15. Yamunanagar - 22 march 16.Ambala - 23 march

Dr sangeeta - 9878059800 , Faisal Khan - 09313106745 , Gurumukh singh- 9416985157,
Dr- Bharat - 9255765980 , Sister Treza 9991814282 . Harjeet -9416228015 .
i want active participation of all to give there comment on this campaign

Beti Bachao Abhiyan

Month long campaign from 8 august to 8 september

Dear All ,
For quite a long time working in rural background of Harayana we have experienced that male members of family are primarily responsible for the drop out rates of girls in various schools .As far as Harayana is concerned brother play a major role rather than father in the continuation of education of girls . If brother is in support than girls can readily go to school .

This time on the occasion of Raksha bandhan , we are starting a month long campaign, On this occasion of raksha bandhan no money form brother side we need support in our education from brothers, 8th August to 8th September 2009 . Campaign will commence from Malwa village ( Ambala) and will end on Bahloli village ( Narayan garh ) .

During this campaign we will visit approximately 40 villages and will get signatures of brothers on the pledge , for the cause to support education of his sister and will never interrupt in any way in her education . During this campaign we are also organising some public meetings and nukkad natak .
We request for your sincere participation and support in the campaign .

commence from Malwa on 8th august and will end on Behloli on 8th september

contact num- Gurmukh singh (Malwa) - 09416985157
Dharmendra(Behloli)- 09050403619

Faisal khan (on behalf of beti bachao abhiyaan committe Harayana )-